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Employer Sponsored

Employer sponsored visas can be temporary or permanent visas sponsored by your employer.


What is an employer sponsored visa?

These visas are typically available for employees who work in areas of skill shortages, and who have experience and qualifications desirable to the Australian labour market. The visa requires your employer to agree to nominate you and your role, and for you to prove you have what it takes to fill the gap in the labour market.

What types of corporate immigration and employer sponsored visas are available?

Employer sponsored visas are a type of visa we often advise our corporate immigration clients on. They can be temporary or permanent visas and some offer different streams of sub-categories.

Temporary visas:

Permanent visas:

How does an employer apply for a sponsored visa?

Employer sponsored visas typically involve two or three steps:

For your employer:

  • Be or apply to be a Standard Business Sponsor (for temporary visa applications): show that your company is lawfully and actively operating
  • Nominate the role and the visa applicant for a visa: show that the role cannot be filled by the local labour market, the salary is at the market rate, and the terms/conditions of employment are no less favourable that those offered to Australian citizens and permanent residents

For the visa applicant:

  • Apply for a visa and show you have the skills, qualifications and English language ability for the role

These steps can all be done at the same time, but must be lodged with the Department in the above order.

In some cases, additional or alternative steps may be required. For example, a Labour Agreement between the employer and the Department of Home Affairs might be required, or a Skills Assessment might be required to accompany the visa application.

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