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191 Visa: Permanent Skilled Regional Visa

The Permanent Skilled Regional visa (subclass 191) is for people who have lived, worked and studied in designated regional area Australia on a previous, eligible visa (such as the subclass 491 or subclass 494 visas). 

What is the subclass 191 visa?

With this visa you can:

  • Stay permanently and work and study in Australia
  • Include members of the same family unit on the application
  • Sponsor eligible relatives for permanently residence 
  • Apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible. 

Conditions are imposed on the visa to ensure the visa holder lives, works or studies only in a regional area, and if sponsored, works in the nominated position. The visa is not yet available and will be open for applications from 16 November 2022.

How do I apply for the subclass 191 visa?

In order to meet the requirements for a subclass 191 visa you must:

  • Hold an eligible visa, specifically a subclass 491 or 494 visa, for a minimum of 3 years at the time you apply
  • Meet conditions 8578 and 8579 whilst holding the subclass 491 or subclass 494 visa
  • Be in Australia when you apply
  • Have lived in a designated regional area for at least three years and have a taxable income at or above a specific income threshold (currently $53,900) for at least 3 years whilst holding a subclass 491 or 494 visa
  • Both primary and secondary applicants have complied with the conditions of the subclass 491 or 494 visa you hold or have held

*Please note that this visa does not commence until 16 November 2022

If you would like to learn more about the new Permanent Skilled Regional visa (subclass 191), book a free 15 minute consultation online with one of our immigration lawyers. 

An experienced migration lawyer can make all the difference when you need.

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