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Important changes to the processing of Protection visas

12 December 2023

The Minister for Home Affairs has recently announced an investment of $54 million into ‘’real-time processing’’ of new protection visa applications which will result in faster and more efficient processing of newly lodged applications. This will mean that protection visa applications that are lodged more recently will be finalised before older visa applications.

Additionally, the Minister has also committed $58 million to appointing new Administrative Appeals Tribunal Members and 10 Federal Circuit and Family Court Judges to assist with the processing of protection and other migration caseloads at the AAT and in FCFCOA.

These announcements will lead to a faster and more efficient processing of Protection visa applications. Individuals will be encouraged to ensure that they have submitted all their supporting information as soon as possible, as this will be crucial in ensuring that all their claims and evidence is properly considered before decisions are made by the DHA, AAT or FCFCOA.

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