Immigration Bridge Project

When WLW Migration Lawyers was founded, we had a vision to bring the best of the corporate world and the best from the not-for-profit world together under one roof.

One aspect of this vision was the development of the Bridge Project, WLW’s own not-for-profit arm. The Bridge Project aims to bridge the gap between community legal services, which are under strain, and full-fee legal services. We are committed to ensuring our service helps to address access to justice issues in Victoria and remains a high-quality, professional service.

Through WLW’s Immigration Bridge Project, we offer:

  • Reduced fee assistance to key migrant groups
  • Pro bono services to key migrant groups
  • Free community legal education services
  • Free professional development services

We are fortunate to partner with many community legal centres and organisations to deliver these services. If you have a client or professional group who may benefit from a free information session, please email

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