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Australian citizenship update: ceremonies by video link

7 April 2020

Do you know someone waiting for their Australian citizenship ceremony? There are currently 85,000 people waiting for their citizenship ceremony. Many were concerned when ceremonies were paused in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The good news though – the Australian Government has announced they will recommence citizenship ceremonies by video link!

The Government is already trialing the new online ceremonies and will roll these out further to ensure people can continue to become Australian citizenship during the coronavirus pandemic. The Australian Government aims to conduct citizenship ceremonies for up to 750 people per day.

If you have an urgent need for citizenship and you cannot access an online ceremony there may also be alternative options made available for you.

I haven’t applied for citizenship yet, can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply for Australian citizenship. For the time being though citizenship interviews and tests are on hold. We will continue to monitor this as it is expected interviews and tests will also commence again.

Do I need to request an online ceremony?

No. If you were scheduled to attend a citizenship ceremony over the coming months you will be contacted to arrange your citizenship ceremony by video link.

We note the above is information only and is not legal advice. This information is current as at the time of publishing and we continue to publish new information as the coronavirus pandemic evolves. We recommend you speak to one of our migration lawyers for a free 10 minute phone or video call to discuss your citizenship application if you have any questions.

You can access the Australian Government media release on these citizenship changes here.

An experienced migration lawyer can make all the difference when you need.