Tony TranParalegal Team Leader

    Tony Tran joined WLW Migration Lawyers as a paralegal over the summer of 2019. He is WLW’s Paralegal Team Leader and currently assists two lawyers who are passionate about their area of work, particularly judicial and corporate matters. He provides a supportive role in all aspect of the firm’s day-to-day organisation and management of files. With his proficiency in Vietnamese, Tony has been able to assist many Vietnamese clients who require assistance in translating and interpreting.

    Tony obtained his Bachelor’s degree (Laws and Business) at La Trobe University in 2019 and is excepted to begin his Practical Legal Training shortly. Prior to WLW Migration Lawyers, he was volunteering at the Whittlesea Community Centre (WCC) as a paralegal and is a part of the WCC Legal Espresso team and would commute to various locations in the suburban areas and raise awareness to the service we provide as well as offering complementary hot beverages to those who passes by.

    Outside of work, Tony enjoys spending time with his family and friends and hopes to adopt a puppy in the near future. Tony has a particular passion for aquascaping and choreographing firework simulations in his spare time.

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