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No matter what your visa needs are, our lawyers will be by your side to help you prepare and navigate the application process with our complete immigration services.

We assist clients with all visa categories including:


Applying to become an Australia Citizen is an exciting final step in the migration journey for many people. WLW Migration Lawyers can assist you with this process and help you prepare and manage your application.

Due to recent changes in the law that are resulting in delays, it is important to obtain legal advice about this process.

Cancellations and Character Refusals

The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection and his delegates have the power to cancel any visa in certain situations. Recently, the Australian Government has increased the power to cancel visas and has introduced mandatory cancellation requirements in some situations.

WLW Migration Lawyers have extensive experience in cancellation matters, including running strategic cases to clarify the law in this area. We also work with your criminal lawyers to ensure you understand the migration implications of any actions taken on your case.

There are often short time-frames for response involved in cancellation matters and we recommend you contact our office as soon as possible in relation to this type of matter.

Ministerial Requests

In some case you may be able to make a request to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection to intervene in your case. In early 2016 the government changed some of the circumstances of when you can successfully request intervention.

WLW Migration Lawyers have years of experience making requests to the Minister. We understand that many compelling and compassionate circumstances arise that sometimes fall outside of the visa criteria.

Detention Matters

Australia has a complex detention system which includes a network of detention centres, often located in remote parts of the country. We can work with you or your family member if they are located in detention to advocate for their release from detention.

Other Matters

WLW Migration Lawyers provide advice and assistance on a range of other immigration services and issues. Some of the other areas we can provide you with legal advice and assistance in are listed below.

  • Issues relating to identity
  • Issues relating to false information or false documents
  • Health and character matters
  • Bridging visas grants and cancellations
We assist people in all areas of personal immigration including family visas, humanitarian matters and skilled visas. Click here to find out more about which visas we can assist you with.
We assist with a range of visa classes from student and skilled subclasses to family and humanitarian visas. Click here to find out more about which visas we can assist you with.
We are experts in migration tribunal appeals in the AAT (formerly RRT and MRT) and judicial review applications in the Federal Circuit Court, Federal Court and High Court.


Every application is different and our Migration Services are personalised to you and your needs.

We keep up to date with current laws and procedures to provide the best immigration assistance.

Note that we cannot influence the outcome of your application, fast track the processing period or guarantee you a visa.

We Offer To

  • Help prepare a visa application
  • Advise a visa applicant about their application
  • Help prepare documents
  • Prepare for proceedings, before a court or merits review tribunal
  • Help prepare a request to the Minister to exercise certain powers under the Act in relation to the visa applicant.


WLW Migration Lawyers are both lawyers and Migration Agents. We are bound by our professional legal obligations as lawyers and the MARA code of conduct.
To learn more about Migration Agents and the MARA code of conduct please click here.


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